Friday, February 24, 2006

No Fags Allowed at the Rovers Return

SMOKING is to be banned at Britain’s most famous boozer — the Rovers Return.

The Coronation Street pub will be completely smoke-free by next summer, in line with the public ban voted for by MPs.

TV writers have been focusing on the smoking issue since MPs voted last week. And viewers can expect fireworks from regular puffers like Janice and Les Battersby, Deirdre Barlow and Liz McDonald.

A source said: “As soon as the Bill was passed we started thinking ahead.

“So many of the characters are chain-smokers the show couldn’t get by without making any mention of the ban.

“The Rovers will never be the same again — the fug of cigarette smoking is almost as much a part of the pub as the name itself. There will definitely be some high jinx with characters trying to find their own way round the ban.”

Smoking will be illegal in ALL indoor public areas within 18 months.

TV bosses are rumoured to be providing an outdoor smoking area at the pub.

A Corrie spokesman said: “The Rovers will live within the same laws as every other pub in the land. It will be quite a talking point at the bar.”

Source: The Sun

Now over to you lot… To smoke in pubs? Or not to smoke?


Addy said...

I won't comment on this issue as I know it's very touchy with smokers, but I'm glad they're bringing this topic up on Corrie. It should be interesting!

kowy said...

I'm a smoker and having lived to tell the tale of the great Ottawa smoke-out a few years ago, I really don't think it's a bad idea at all to ban smoking in the pub - even the Rovers.

Yes, it upset many people, but they learned eventually to deal with it.

The more places that I'm not allowed to smoke only increases my chances of successfully quitting...a good thing.

Quebec is next, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens when Canada's Smoking Section has to butt out.

Coronation Street is supposed to reflect 'real' people and events, so writing the smoking ban in to the story is a no-brainer.

Besides, I can't wait to see the huddle of Battersby's outside the Rovers, moaning and complaining and hatching up insane schemes to allow them to smoke up inside.

Jacqueline said...

J...blows smoke up in the air...still not happy about giving it up (more or less)

However, I prefer non-smoking pubs now.

Addy said...

Kinda reminds me of the storyline where Janice wasn't allowed to smoke in the factory ending in it going up in flames.