Sunday, February 19, 2006

Nikki Sanderson Plagued by Posterior Paparazzi

Nikki Sanderson
(our Candice Stowe) has started wearing huge pants because photographers keep trying to snap her butt.

According to news source FemaleFirst, the Coronation Street star says she's plagued by shutterbugs trying to get saucy up-the-skirt shots of her whenever she goes out.

She revealed to Britain's More magazine: "I get paparazzi trying to put cameras under my dresses, so I wear big pants when I'm out."

However, the stunning actress says she likes wearing racy underwear for her boyfriend, Danny Young (our Warren Baldwin.)

She said: "It's always nice to buy some nice underwear and enjoy each other."

The stunning brunette has also revealed the pair send each other X-rated text messages to keep their romance exciting.

She explained: "We send each other sexy texts. But we don't have phone sex!"

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John said...

Why do I get the sense that Nikki isn't all that different from Candice?

Ang said...

I was just going to say that!