Tuesday, February 14, 2006

National Chip Week

It’s National Chip Week (February 13-19) so you have an excuse to head out to your local chippy.

The good news is that chips can be part of a healthy balanced diet. For example, did you know?

· An average portion of battered cod and chips has fewer calories, at least half the saturated fat and just a tenth of the salt of a cheese and tomato pizza

· An average portion of battered cod & chips contains at least a quarter of the fat and a third fewer calories than a serving of either chicken tikka masala & pilau rice, or sweet and sour pork and egg-fried rice

· Thick chips absorb less oil than thin ones, so chunky chips are a lower-fat option

· You can get almost a third of your daily vitamin C from a portion of chips. A 100g serving of oven chips contains 12mg of vitamin C – that’s double the amount of vitamin C in an apple


A couple who fell in love while working in a fish and chip shop have won an award for the UK's best chippy.

Hodgsons Chippy in Lancaster beat nine other UK finalists to win the Sea Fish Industry Authority (Seafish) National Fish and Chip Shop of the Year prize.

Flippin’ ‘eck

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Deborah said...

English fish and chips are the best.
I have loved some of the scenes lately with Cilla in the chippy!