Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mirror, Mirror On theWall

"Oil Slick Alahan" and his pulling glasses

British men and women are the vainest in Europe as they deck themselves out, a survey says.

Inspired by the David Beckham and Gavin Henson factor, one in four British men spends more than two hours preparing for a romantic night out.

And even the average time for men to slap on all those creams, gels and lotions is 1hr 17mins.

Italians run a close second by preening themselves in front of the mirror for an average 1hr 13mins. But Spanish men can be out of the door in 66mins, the French in 62mins and the Germans in a racing 59mins.

British women are as worried about their appearance as their men, a study by Scottish Widows insurers discloses.

FWIT: Footballer’s Wife In Training

They take an average 1hr 50mins to bath, do their hair and make-up and choose the perfect outfit. Italian women take 1hr 41mins while German frauleins do the job in only 1hr 15mins.

Scottish Widows said: "The rise of the modern day metrosexual man who takes time over his style and appearance, coupled with the David Beckham effect, plays a part in explaining this new found vanity.

"It's fascinating to see how long it takes men and women to prepare for a big date across Europe. It'll be a surprise to many that Britons spend longer at it than any other nation."

Source: The Mirror

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