Friday, February 10, 2006

Jack and Vera Do Vegas / Cruisin’ With Corrie

Looking for a Corrie fix during the Olympics-induced Coronation Street dry spell? Try a Coronation Street video.

Jack and Vera Do Vegas

In a departure from the usual caravan holiday, the Duckworths visit the entertainment capital of the world in Coronation Street – Viva Las Vegas!

Jack and Vera are joined by Corrie crimpers Fiona Middleton and Maxine Heavey. (Maxine went on to become Mrs. Ashley Peacock, now the former Mrs. Peacock, as she had a run-in with serial killer Richard Hillman.)

Adding to this madcap mix is Joan Collins, as herself.

Cruisin’ With Corrie

In Coronation St.: The Feature Length Special, five Corrie characters embark on a Mediterranean cruise. (Curly & Raquel, Mavis & Rita and Alec Gilroy.)

Curly and Raquel are on honeymoon, Rita sings in a nightclub, and Mavis flirts with a Frenchman.

Enjoy! And remember, Coronation Street returns on Monday, February 27th.


Pamer said...

why did Jack and Vera go with the hairdressers???

That's pretty funny though. Sort of like when the Brady Bunch went to Paris or something.

MJ said...

Maxine and Fiona had also signed up for one of Alec Gilroy's dodgy holiday deals and therefore they all showed up in Vegas together. Jack and Vera weren't aware that the hairdressers had signed up for the same deal. Kinda like when the Platts go on hols (thinking they're getting away from it all) and wake up to hear Jack and Vera shouting in the caravan next to them.

Pamer said...

aha...that makes more sense. Maybe I'll look for that video on my Zip DVD subscription