Friday, February 03, 2006

Introducing Corrie Fan Deborah

Let's all welcome Deborah, a Corrie Canuck reader who is a big, BIG Coronation Street fan.

Ken Barlow and Deborah

Deborah tells us how she got hooked on Corrie…

In 1995, Al and I were going to England. Al had never been before so 3 weeks before going, we decided to watch Coronation Street so Al could see what England was like. Not long after we arrived, my uncle asked what we would like to do while we were over. Al jokingly said, Go to Coronation Street! The next day we were at the Granada studios. Al's first pint in the UK was at the Rover's Return. It is quite something to say you have walked on those cobbles. After that trip, we never missed a show.

In Sept 2003, we were back in England. This time the Granada tours were closed. It is too bad as we would have appreciated the tour so much more. We did go to Manchester though and spent 7 hours at the studio gates. We met 9 stars that day-Audrey, Sunita, Mike, Ashley, Tyrone, Jason, Ken, Norris and Kevin. I had my photo taken with them all and had them sign my Corrie tshirt. It was a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!

Deborah and Audrey Roberts

Deborah’s organizing her eighth… yes, you heard correctly… her eighth Pingfest for March 1st in Toronto. Deborah says, “If anyone has never been to a ping before and they are a bit hesitant, they shouldn't be. Corrie fans are the nicest people in the world!” Click here for details.

Visit Deborah’s Coronation Street site.

Be sure to have a look at her photos. You’ll see Deborah with the following Corrie stars… Audrey, Sunita, Mike, Ashley, Tyrone, Jason, Ken, Norris, and Kevin. That gal gets around!

She even has Monica’s autograph, for heaven’s sake! …

Deborah, we at Corrie Canuck stand in awe of your Coronation Street fandom.


GoBetty said...

That is absolutely amazing! Well done. What a fan!

missusmac said...

Lucky woman! mistermac, who is puzzled as to why I adore the show, would slit his wrists before standing even 7 minutes outside those studio gates~!

I'm so pleased the actors rewarded her with their time and photos. She deserves it!

Chelly said...

Hooray for Deborah! Those are great pics!

GoBetty said...

Is anyone thinking of going to her ping? I was about to RSVP - but it's on a Wed. night, and Wed. night is hockey night for me :-(

Deborah said...

Thanks for a great write up MJ. Thanks everyone for the nice comments. As you can tell, I am a huge fan. I'm surprised Al stood at the Granada gates that long as well, he won't even stand in the hour long line up at the British Isles show-he just joins me for the photo when its time.

Usually my pings are on a Saturday night, but unfortunately this one had to be on a Wednesday. If anyone is interesting in attending, it would be great to meet you.

Addy said...

What a great write up on a near and dear friend of mine Deb!
She's a true Corrie fan and throws the best pings! One of these days I hope to be at one myself!

Deborah said...

I hope one day you are as well Addy! Let me know when you are coming out this way and I'll plan one.

I just heard from a lady in Nova Scotia, she is coming to Toronto for the British Isles show. Her plane arrives in Toronto at 4pm on March 1st and she will be attending her first ping with us.