Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Introducing Corrie Fan Christine Warren

Coronation Street Fun Pages

At the left of the page you’ll see a link to Coronation Street Fun Pages. If you haven’t already clicked it, what are you waiting for?

Christine Warren has created a Coronation Street funfest with interactive goodies galore. There’s something to please every Corrie fan: puzzles, interactive crossword, Corrie word search, recipes, a Coronation Street maze...and more!

Pinups, Pingfests, and Pilgrimages

Every week there’s a new pinup on the Fun Pages. Last week’s pinup was Richard Fleeshman (our Craig Harris.) Click, if you dare, on the current Coronation Street Pinup of the Week. Sure, you’ve seen it before…but never larger than life!

Christine is the woman who started the Winnipeg Pingfest. She organizes it each year along with help from The Pingfest Committee consisting of Pat Jahns-Kraak, Sonia Tunstead, Carolyn Haslewood (who always comes from Montreal for it), Judy Shields and Patti Duke. As you can see, the Winnipeg Ping is a real crowd pleaser.

Be sure to read about Christine’s Magical Manchester Tour. Don’t let the spoilers notice scare you off as the tour was back in May 2005. Lots of photos!

Christine stops by the The Old Rectory to see if Vera’s up for bingo.

More photos of Christine’s Magical Manchester Tour were published in the August 2005 issue of On the Air magazine. (Back issues available on website.)

Still just sitting there? Get clicking!


Deborah said...

Christine does an excellent job each week with her Corrie fun pages. Its the first place I visit each Sunday.
One year I plan on making it to Christine's Winnipeg Ping.

Anonymous said...

Looking for a place to show some episodes for the next pingfest?
The theatre I volunteer at wants to, and we'd love to join forces with your group!
Melanie and Penny