Monday, February 20, 2006

Ian McKellen’s Report from Coronation Street

Visit Sir Ian McKellen’s website to read about his experience working on Coronation Street as our Mel Hutchwright / Lionel Hipkis.

Sir Ian comments on the Corrie cast:

They are all, without exception, friendly to outsiders, whether to fans whose correspondence is regularly attended in the greenroom ("Cast members only”) or to visiting actors like me. Their diligence is as evident as their talent and there isn’t one of them young or old that isn't perfectly up to the job.

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John said...

Ian McKellan has a great site, full of neat little anecdotes about his work in stage and film. He also answers all his email. He comes off as a really nice guy.

But I think he's being diplomatic about the cast, according to this story (SMALL SPOILERS) Vicky Entwistle (our Janice) got drunk and ranted at him at his farewell party, for which she got into trouble. I think there were issues over the idea of a big star coming in and taking storylines away from the regulars, perhaps.

Still, I hope he comes back and brings former Corrie actor Patrick Stewart with him.