Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy Birthday, Wanda

ANN RYE (our Wanda Brinsley)

Born: February 15 (year unknown) in Staple, Kent, England

Ann Rye has appeared in a number of TV shows including The Avengers, Casualty, Heartbeat, and Mapp & Lucia.

The Guardian’s Grace Dent penned this description of Coronation Street character Wanda Brinsley:

Wanda, Blanche's tipsy, octogenarian sidekick, appeared weeks ago at Ken's house claiming asylum from termites running amok round her skirting boards. Wanda was the epitome of ageing disgracefully, stumbling about with a litre of "medicinal" brandy in her huge, clonking, northern gran fortress of a handbag. Wanda loved slandering, stealing, colluding with Blanche over the Weatherfield Gazette's obituary page for good funerals to attend, as well as every pensioner's favourite pastime, bowel monitoring. Most Wednesdays, Wanda would swill syrup of figs, then adjourn to the Barlow's bathroom to sit on the throne for two hours, perusing a Barbara Cartland and waiting for movement. Meanwhile Ken would hover cross-legged on the landing, back teeth floating, dying for her to flush. "Oooh leave 'er alone! She only goes once a week. At least let her enjoy it!" crowed goggle-eyed Blanche, as a nation set aside its bangers and mash in dismay. But getting rid of Wanda before Christmas was no mean feat, as she'd taken a shine to Ken, in a lewd and improper sense, seeing him as a "belting bit of trouser who's up for grabs". OK, it's difficult to visualise Ken Barlow in such terms. In the eyes of 82-year-old Wanda, Ken was a freshfaced 60-year-old blond twinky, with fully working knees, ripe for corruption.

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