Saturday, February 25, 2006

Happy Birthday, Julie Hesmondhalgh

Julie Hesmondhalgh
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JULIE HESMONDHALGH (our Hayley Cropper)

Born: February 25, 1970 in Accrington, Lancashire, England

Julie Hesmondhalgh (pronounced "hez-mund-halsh") was spotted by the casting crew for Coronation Street whilst performing in "Much Ado About Nothing" at Manchester’s Royal Exchange theatre.

She joined the Corrie cast in 1998 when she was brought onto the show as a love-interest for Roy Cropper. Her role was intended to be short-term but the producers hired her as a regular following tremendous public response to her character.

Ian Kershaw, Martha Mo, Julie Hesmondhalgh (2001)

Julie met her husband Ian Kershaw on the Coronation Street set when Ian played a Weatherfield Gazette reporter. Read about how Julie fell for Ian in Our Secret Corrie Snogs.

“I was sneaking off in my breaks and snogging in back streets, I was not eating or sleeping, I was just so happy."

Hayley gave birth to a daughter, Martha Mo Kershaw, in October 2001.

Julie and her wee babby (2001)

Want to read more about Julie Hesmondhalgh / Hayley Cropper? Follow the links below.

Read about Hayley’s development as a transgender character at Press For Change.

Julie’s portrayal of Hayley was addressed in a House of Commons motion.

Details of Roy and Hayley Cropper’s wedding!

Roy and Hayley Cropper tie the knot (1999)

This interview with Julie Hesmondhalgh is several years old but sheds light on Julie’s personal life and her role as Hayley.

Our Hayley’s a cover girl! Hayley graces the cover of the February/March 2006 issue of On The Air Magazine. This issue is on newsstands now. Look for a detailed cover story on Julie Hesmondhalgh inside.


Addy said...

Great pics of Julie and her baby!

Chelly said...

Happy B-day to Julie! Her baby's gorgeous!

GoBetty said...

OMG, Hayley Cropper is 2 years younger than me. I am obsessed.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful to find someone who truly likes their Corrie job?

Often, you hear remarks by other actors about how hard the work is, etc., but she took the time to remark the crew works hard, or even harder.

Seems like a thoroughly nice woman.