Sunday, February 12, 2006

Happy Birthday, Craig!


Born: February 12, 1989
“I love playing Craig, and the Goth element of his character is interesting...The amount of time I have to spend in make-up is quite annoying, though!”
It's only February but 17-year-old Richard who plays our beloved Corrie Goth, "Craig Harris", has already had a busy and successful start to the year. Last month he won a televised talent contest on ITV called Soapstar Superstar wowing audiences and music industry insiders alike. His stunning performances on the series subsequently landed the lad with offers of recording contracts and noteworthy accolades (including the "could Rich be better than Robbie" comparisons).

For his part, Richard simply describes himself as "a singer who happens to be an actor". Although music is his first love (he plays piano and guitar and writes his own songs), Richard is still keen on walking down those infamous cobbles:
“Music is my life,” he admits. “But I am so happy at Coronation Street. Eventually I would love to move into music – I see myself as a singer/songwriter – but Corrie is such a great place to work...One day I’d hope to go into music but not any time soon. I am happy at Coronation Street. I’m still learning and I’ve got a long way to go.”
He undeniably has performing in his blood: his parents, former Coronation Street actors David Fleeshman and Sue Jenkins head a family of entertainers from their home in Stockport, Manchester. The family (which includes sisters Emily and Rosie who also act) has been compared to the Von Trapp family, for all the singing and performing they do.

Despite all the rumours surrounding his career in the wake of his Soapstar Superstar success, Richard has clearly stated that he will remain with Coronation Street for some time yet:
“I might not be the next Ken Barlow, but I’m sticking around for the foreseeable future.”

Happy 17th Richard!


MJ said...

Hasn't this been proclaimed a national holiday yet?

Jacqueline said...

I'd like to just leave this comment to the fans that plan on leaving 'messages' for Richard here.

We don't actually have any contact with him and as far as I know he does not read Corrie Canuck. So you might be better off sending messages to him through Granda or ITV.

Anonymous said...

i seen richard fleeshman in town YAY lol he was with roxanne and his dad

Anonymous said...

OMGGGGGGGGGGG im so envious hes like the fittest guy existing! which town did u see him iN?!!

Anonymous said...

Have u really seen Richard in town?? What town was it. Did he look cute and fit?
*thinks to self..Of course he did, he always does!!*
Please write back to me..

Kelsea said...

Well I met him at this club where he was performing. I got his autograph and a picture with him

Kelsea said...

he's even better looking in real life