Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Go No More A Roving

Drink up, lads, before this idea catches on in Weatherfield.

Men caught boozing by their wives in an Indian village now face being slapped across the face by their wives' slippers.

A committee of women at Japalli, in Andhra Pradesh, introduced the punishment in a bid to 'curb the menace of liquor', reports the Press Trust of India.

Any married man discovered drinking will be hauled up before village elders and slapped five times with his wife's leather slipper in front of local residents.

They will also be fined the equivalent of £64. The fines will be handed over to the offenders' wives to spend as they see fit.

The women decided on the touch new measures after their attempts to close local liquor stores ended in failure.

Source: Ananova

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