Friday, February 10, 2006

Frisky Friday Treat - Warning content may include the word 'Willy'.

Okay - Corrie Canuck never claimed to be anything less than an 'M' rated site just a warning, don't continue to read if you going to send me an email in disgust, k? Just close your eyes and think of Percy Sugden.

The message boards at recently revealed this bit of trivia about our Ciaran.

>> Celebrity Donger << Keith Duffy - huge knob Boyzone's Keith
Duffy was at the Irish Music awards recently. A fellow guest saw him taking a
pee in the gents and reports, "Keith has a willy as big as a fire engine house",
and is "beautiful and uncut".

Oh, come on!!! Was there any freakin' doubt?

(btw...Shatnerian made me post this...on a DARE!!!!)


Pamer said...

Donger?!?!?! BWaaahaahaaahaahaa

Way to go Jacqueline. How much did you win on the bet?

MJ said...

Free Willy.

Jacqueline said...


John said...

Man, I didn't even have to double-dog dare you.

kevin said...

LMFAO !!!! Is that actually tru ?

Go Ciaran !!! LOL