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Frisky Friday: Suranne’s Snogging Tips

Suranne Jones shares her snogging secrets and more in this 2001 interview with Sunday People.

Joe Carter and Karen McDonald

My sex movie fantasy

5 August 2001
Source: Sunday People

CORRIE stunner Suranne Jones has revealed her sexiest fantasy - to be filmed making love to her boyfriend. Saucy Suranne, who plays knicker stitcher Karen in the soap, admits she'd like to star in her own sex video - if the price was right.

The 32DD beauty confesses: "I wouldn't say no to being filmed having sex - just me and my fella." But 22-year-old Suranne refuses to say who the lucky co-star is likely to be. Although she recently started dating a man named Jim, she is keeping his identity under wraps.

Meanwhile, she's delighted to be getting lots of snogging practice thanks to Karen's rampant love life on screen. "Snogging is ace," says Suranne. There's snogging in almost every scene I do in Corrie. But you have to do it right. The way not to do it is to go round and round the inside of the mouth with your tongue like a washing machine. That's awful."

Karen and Steve McDonald: If this van's rockin', don't bother knockin'

Karen has just married bad-boy Steve McDonald, played by Simon Gregson, as a jokey bet. But Suranne doesn't think Steve would be the right man for her. She says: "I would never be attracted to a man like him. I like a bit of danger in a man, but ideally I'd settle for a mix of dangerous and nice."

The star - who shares a luxury Manchester pad with fellow Street actress Naomi Russell - has won an army of male fans since landing the role of the feisty factory girl eight months ago. But despite her own fantasies, she shudders at the thought that men might think of her while they're with their girlfriends. "That's very odd," she insists. "If anyone wants to think about me when they're making love to someone else then they should write and ask my permission!"

Suranne also reveals it would be a huge turn-off for her if a boyfriend called out her TV character's name during love making. She says: "I'd have a big problem with that. It's weird. If a bloke blurted out the name Karen I'd definitely show him the door."

Unlike her screen character, raven-haired Suranne has no plans to settle down yet. She says: "I can't picture myself in a wedding dress walking up the aisle. Some women my age dream about it, but I'm too young."

Karen zeros in on Dev Alahan

But Suranne is enjoying her new romance and happily reveals her top tips for turning on her man. She says: "To be a good snogger you use your tongue in teasing short bursts. Not too much at first. Also your tongue shouldn't be too wet. After teasing a bit you go in for the kill, which involves gentle use of the tongue from one side to the other and a fair bit of lip chewing. "Teeth licking is acceptable but only in moments of passion and only after you've been seeing someone for a while. "You might also try a bit of tongue in the ear. But most women prefer a nibble on the earlobe."

The actress thinks food can be as erotic as kissing - though she draws the line at Roy's bacon butties in the Street. She says: "Food is very sexy. It looks sexy and tastes sexy, especially if it is sitting on someone's stomach."

Roy's bacon butties: Turnoff

Amazingly, Suranne nearly missed out on appearing in the Street. After drama school, acting jobs were few and she had to work as a barmaid. Then she appeared in a Maltesers advert and auditioned for the role of Rovers barmaid Geena. That part was won by Jennifer James, but Corrie bosses quickly offered Suranne the part of Karen.

She loves the role but dreams of playing another sexy woman - Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen who revelled in orgies. Suranne said: "I know she was a bit of a temptress, but she's the historical figure I most identify with. I'd love to play her in a movie." She adds: "I have dressed up and gone out to be sexy - I do try. But like a lot of women, I sometimes try too hard." Keep trying, say all the fellas.

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