Thursday, February 02, 2006

Frankie’s Flip Side

Debra Stephenson

Debra Stephenson (our Frankie Baldwin) played the role of Shell Dockley in Bad Girls before she stepped onto the Cobbles.

Before sentencing Shell to life imprisonment for the kidnap, torture and eventual murder of the woman who ‘stole’ her boyfriend, the judge presiding over her trial described her as “evil personified”, a tag she never had a problem living up to.

And a former Coronation Street star had a role in Bad Girls… Amanda Barrie (our Alma Baldwin) played Bev Tull.

Amanda Barrie

Update: Lori reminds us that Wendi Peters (our Cilla Brown) also had a role on Bad Girls as "Podger" Pam Jolly. Thanks, Lori!

Wendi Peters


John said...

Also, Shell was into chicks, which made the show that much more awesome.

Anonymous said...

My apologies as this is off topic...but I assume during the Olympics Corrie is pre-empted by CBC?

We will never get close to catching up at this rate! I was just over at and looking at the visual archives for New Zealand and Australia.

New Zealand is now seeing 6 episodes a week and Australia 10 a week! Although, Australia is stil back in summer 2004 they are moving in the right direction.

Does the CBC ever plan to accelerate our schedule and at least get us just a few months behind?

Lori said...

Dont forget Cilla as Podger Pam,, and Zoe (Joanne Froggat) had a role of someone who committed suicide in her cell. Vinnie (James Gaddas) plays a nasty wing governer, and Denise (mother of Ken's son Daniel) played a drunk who died after being let out of prison. I am sure there are more,, but thats all I remember off the top of my head.