Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Falling in Love Again

Love at first sight is not just reserved for teenagers and those in their early twenties according to a study issued today by RIAS, the specialist over 50s insurer.

In fact, people in their 50s are as spontaneous and enthusiastic when it comes to falling in love as those in their twenties.

Results revealed that nearly 60 per cent of those in the over 50s age group believe in falling instantly head over heels in love, just as much as those aged 25 and under.

Janet Connor, Managing Director of RIAS, says: "Despite the ever increasing divorce rate, our survey shows that the over 50s are as rose tinted about love as those much younger. Being in your 50s is increasingly seen as a time to kick back and enjoy your freedom. Its certainly heartening to see that people in their 50s are still as open to love as they were 25 years ago and that life’s experiences haven’t jaded them."

Surprisingly, men believe in love at first sight almost as much as women (65 per cent of women and 61 per cent of men). Results further show that those living in the capital tend to be the least romantic, whilst those in Wales and the West Country are the most romantic. So it seems that for all those Shirley Valentines out there searching for their Romeo, there’s no need to travel all the way to Greece, there are plenty romantic men right here in the UK.

Janet concludes: "The survey results may also go some way to explain why the likes of Joan Collins and Liz Taylor have embarked on multiple marriages. It would seem that love is such a powerful emotion that it does not dim with age or previous bad experiences!"

Source: Easier.com

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