Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dude, Where's My Update?

Stepford Shel

Bev sees Shel's face and does what any mother would do and freaks - completely - out. 'Your beautiful face!!!'

Bev launches into a rant about how Charlie is a monster and abusing our Shel, Charlie denies and Shel defends Charlie and turns on her mom. No suprises here.

Charlie, however, to defend his good name as a NON-wife beater, takes a swing at Bev.

So in the end, Bev leaves Shel to stand by her man and the townfolks are aghast. But there's one thing that could happen; Fred could tell Shel that she's no longer the manager as long as she's with Charlie. If I owned a pub and all that stuff was going on...bye=bye manageress. Take your Springer show elsewhere, madam.

There is much crying and such from Shel and even more so when Charlie starts accusing her of calling Bev around herself. I think even he's sick of her doormat like behaviour and tells her that they are over.

BTW - absolutely NO one believes the door story.

Bizarre Love Triangle
Danny gives Jamie some very kind and fatherly words of wisdom and it's a very touching 'Hallmark Special' moment. It then turns into an 'Afterschool Special' moment when Jamie walks away and Danny is beep-beep-beep on the mobile to Leanne.

'Right, I'll be round in 10.'

Leanne seems to be getting a little more serious than Danny feels comfortable with when she asks if he'd be upset if she married Jamie. But he charms her once again into his arms.

Whilst he's there, Janice walks in on them, luckily, they were both dressed and gave a clever excuse of discussing Jamie's birthday. I think Janice dislikes Danny so much, that it wouldn't even pop into her head that Leanne could be in bed with him.

BTW - she was on holiday, which is why she's been scarce.

Dev and Sunita
Those crazy Alahans can't stop smiling and grinning - but don't want to tell anyone about the baby. They're worried that people will think they're mad.

Actually, people will just think they're getting laid.

My Gal Sal

Sal has agreed to work for Dev to bring in some extra money. Of course, she's worried about 'coming down' in station.

I pray everynight that Sally becomes CEO of Virgin Records so that she is kept bus , made rich, and then...shut...the...hell....up.

A Writing Life
Norris walks around about now with pen and notebook, copying down every thing that happens to the citizen's of Weatherfield. This all in the name of getting material for his 'book'.

You know what would be a good idea? If he used his notes to write a soap opera.

THAT would rock.

Okay...I'm off now to secure some crisps.


MJ said...

Low blow of the evening from Charlie:

'No man wants you Bev, unless they're drunk and desperate."

Charlie turns to Ciaran and says, "Isn't that right, Ciaran?"

GoBetty said...

Oooh, I didn't catch that line this morning whilst I caught up on some taped episodes at 6:30am with a cup of tea... nice one MJ.