Sunday, February 05, 2006

Deirdre’s Glasses: A Chronology

Deirdre Barlow
wore the same style of glasses for almost 30 years. Then Dev Alahan crushed them with a box when she put them down on the Corner Shop counter for a second back in 2001.

Deirdre’s latest frames

To choose the replacement frames, Coronation Street fans were asked to vote on the programme's website in which several pairs were modelled. More than 7,000 votes were cast, with the winning spectacles receiving 1,750 votes.

A Coronation Street spokeswoman said: "Deirdre looks every inch the designer's dream in her new frames and viewers should stay tuned to see if dishy Dev thinks the same." Anne Kirkbride said: "Deirdre's glasses are her trademark but her last pair really were getting a bit dated. I'm delighted that web surfers and viewers chose this pair, which are very sleek for Deirdre. "It will be strange wearing a different set but I'm sure viewers will quickly get used to the new look. Although what Ken will make of Deirdre's revamp remains to be seen."

Actress Anne Kirkbride is so well known for her super-sized spectacles that she is expected to wear them at social gatherings and in international tours, even though Kirkbride has always worn contact lenses.

Kirkbride still has all the glasses she's worn as her character."I loved it when they called me Sexy Specs! The glasses are part of her. I even have the big ones I wore in the Eighties."

Lest you think that our Claire Peacock is the only gal out there sporting Deirdre specs, think again. The model at Gem Sweater is the new poster girl for the Deirdre Barlow look.

Deirdre Barlow wannabee


Anonymous said...

Okay, if 1974 and 1981 don't remind you of Claire, nothing will!

There's evil afoot here, I say, evil.

Jacqueline said...

MJ...I don't think you realize that you've accidently posted a pic of me.

Yes, I am the face of Gem Sweaters.

Nothing says 'sizzle' like gold leggings.

missusmac said...

I urge everyone to click onto the gem sweater link.

It's quite amusing. And, in deference to Jacqueline and anyone else with tres magnifigue fashion sense, the gold leggings never change.

Cilla's Sun Bed said...

Scary!! I was hoping to get the music link to work to "rock" along with the sweaters, but to not avail.