Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Corrie's Back And I'm So Glad!

The familiar trumpet strains, Mr. Frisky on the rooftop, some guy who looks like Les Battersby walking along the street from the p.o.v. of a cherrypicker... Corrie's back and I'm so glad!

Me chuckling in my La-Z-Boy, and my husband chuckling from the kitchen at me chuckling... he's in there whipping up his famous ribs for our neighbour's Amazing Race party tonight.

Just when you think agorophobe-Shelly couldn't be more boring, she gets boringer. And what's with that permanent black eye? I've had 'em, they fade in, like, a week to 10 days. This has been like, 3 weeks, yeah?

Just when you think Steve and Tracy are stupid and boring, Miss Magdalene Sister herself, Irish Chick, comes back into the Rovers and into Steve's life.



mare said...

doh! i forgot it was on. :( stupid 2 weeks of olympics got me out of my schedule.

MJ said...

I've always thought that was Les walking along the street too.

Addy said...

I've missed Corrie SO much! Hope Louise and Steve hook up and Tracy gets the punt!

GoBetty said...

Oooh, and I meant to say that I acquired black eyes through completely honourable means - playing rugby!

papasmurf said...

Love the oirish girl - I hope she'll be back sometime soon.
I almost hate to say it but Shel needs to get a grip on herself.