Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Corrie Canuck Dates

A reminder of upcoming Corrie Canuck events in Toronto.

Pub Night - with a shot of Scotch
Auld Spot Pub
Feb 21 - 7pm
If you plan on attending, let me know because I've made reservations for us.
For more details, click here.

British Isle Show
March 4th - 10 AM in front of the Prince's Gates.

I'll be there in full glory - with some sign that I'm from Corrie Canuck.

We'll head in around 10:15 depending on who's there.

Sunita is the guest of honour and she'll be signing autographs at 11 am.

If you want to meet up with the group, send me an email to glacia at gmail dot com.

Time, admission fee, exhibitor info can be found here.

Absolutely nothing to do with Corrie other than a bunch of us love him.

March 25th - Funhaus Queen and Bathurst
9 pm pre-party at my friend's place
11 pm - 5 am - Rock the Casbah - I mean FunHaus

Anyone interested, again, glacia at gmail dot com


Deborah said...

Looking forward to Tuesday.

I'll let you know about the British Isles show, not sure what time we plan on going on the Saturday.

Ang said...

Regarding the British Isles Show can I recommend people get their tickets in advance from the website. I know I've waited in very long, and slow moving lines to get into the show.