Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Coronation Street Spin-Offs

Television spin-offs.

Joey Tribbiani moved from New York City to Los Angeles in Joey; a spin-off from Friends.

Frasier Crane moved from the Boston barstool of Cheers to a Seattle radio talk show in Frasier.

The Kids on Degrassi Street begot Degrassi Junior High, which begot Degrassi High, which begot Degrassi: The Next Generation.


Pick one or more Coronation Street characters (past or present cast members.)

Create a spin-off show for your character(s).

Who would you pick?
What’s the plotline?
What’s the name of your show?
Details, please!


John said...

'The C Word' - Violet and Claire discover their true feelings for each other, leave Coronation Street, and move to Los Angeles. There, they become immersed in the glamourous West Hollywood lifestyle: exclusive parties, high fashion, and witty girlfriends with an intricate, interconnected sexual history. Co-stars Mia Kirshner as the annoying one. 'C' stands for Corrie, by the way.

'Battersby' - Deciding that the best way to discover welfare cheats is to hire one, The City of Manchester takes on Les Battersby as their best man, exposing all manner of dole frauds. Les is partnered with Rhupa Patel, a strictly by-the-book fraud investigator who is at first put off by Les' boorish ways. His snakeskin pulling jacket and ever-present bacon butties offend her vegan sensibilities. But she is drawn to his innovative and novel means of cracking tough cases, as well as his roguish charm and finds that, despite herself, she admires him and , yes, could even fall in love with him.

'Underworld' - Focussed entirely with the knickers factory, join in on the fun as Janice, Fizz, Sean, and the girls duck a rotating roster of Baldwin managers (of various accents) in their attempts to extend their tea breaks, have a crafty fag, and gossip. To be shot as a musical comedy.

Jacqueline said...

Hockey Night in Canada.

Commentator - Fred Elliot.

'He shoots, I say, he shoots.'

Coaches Corner:
Roy Cropper and Doris.

The Canadian Tire Ads are now manned by a very well heeled Charlie Stubbs

John said...

I'd like to see a Charlie Stubbs Canadian Tire commercial:

CHARLIE: 'You're not going to keep away much rain with THOSE wipers, mate. Didn't I tell you to get the ones from Canadian Tire?'

DUDE: 'Yeah. Haven't got 'round to it. Sorry.'

CHARLIE: 'You know how I feel about lying.'

DUDE: 'I wasn't lying...'


DUDE: 'JESUS, you flamin' hit me!!!'

Cue Jingle: "I'll start with you..."

Jacqueline said...

jacqueline laughs under the hood of her parka...that's too g.d. funny.

GoBetty said...

These are all hilarious. LOL

Tanya said...

oh, i'm dying here! i'd watch any of those shows...such imagination!

and the crappy tire ad...priceless.