Friday, February 10, 2006

Caption This: Free Willy Edition

Caption this shot of Charlie and Ciaran locked in mortal...something.


MJ said...

"Jacqueline's mine. MINE, I tell ya!"

Jacqueline said...


Yeah, Baby!!!

John said...

"I wish I could quit you!"

Lori said...

"When I said I was into Boyzone,, I didnt mean THAT boy zone!)

kevin said...

damn . . . ciaran should have been playing my humps from black eyed peas, while doing that !!!

i showed my galfreind that and she said that she would have done anything to get up close and personal with him ! - that is until now...thanx ppls, you put her rite off meeting her sexy lover 2 be - until now !!

You guys crack me up !!