Monday, February 27, 2006

BRITISH ISLE SHOW!!!! andhowitisthatglaciasucks

March 4th - 10 AM in front of the Prince's Gates.

****It is STRONGLY suggested that you buy your tickets ahead of time online. You may be waiting a 1/2 hour or more trying to buy your tickets at the gate.***

Now, here's how I suck. I'm not going to be able to come. I could tell you why, but it involves chocolate, sex and a court date.

So I think I need someone willing to be Glacia at the gates to gather the flock. Although, I'm sure that everyone kind of knows each other by now. I'll also need someone to act as event correspondent for the rest of Corrie Canuck.

Any volunteers?

I am going to send out an evite to everyone in the Corrie list as a reminder. If you don't think you're on that group, send me an email to glacia at gmail dot com.

FYI - Sunita is the guest of honour and she'll be signing autographs at 11 am.

Time, admission fee, exhibitor info can be found here.


Pamer said...

i can't believe no one else has asked for more info on J's court date/sexual chocolate episode.

I've been formulating scenarios all morning

Jacqueline said...

no one reads these things, do they pamer? That's why you're my favorite.

But don't tell the others, 'k love?

Ang said...

lol I was thinking of scenarios as well (just kidding hon). I'll help out if it's still needed.