Monday, February 27, 2006

Breast Cancer Sucks!

Okay, so here at Corrie Canuck, I think we all can generally agree that boobies are fabulous. I think that as a group we have a finely tuned and sophisticated appreciation of the mounds of love.

Having said that, I think it's appropriate that we've take up the battle against breast cancer on several occassions. (I'm actually thinking of making it our 'cause' but more on that later.)

Here is another opportunity to have a go at breast cancer - our very own Go Betty will be walking 60K (!!!) in the Weekend to End Breast Cancer. She is very close to her goal of $2,000 so it would be great if Corrie Canuck could help her get there.

If any of our Canucks would like to help her reach her donation goal, click on her donation page.

For all the Van Dorens, Jublies, and Thingamajugs out there, please consider helping to win the battle.

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