Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Best of Britain Show

Okay - very quick poll.

I'm proposing Saturday March 4/06 as the day for the Corrie Canuck contingent go down to the Best of Britain Show at the CNE.

This is probably the only available date I have as it is Mr. Glacia's b-day and I've promised to wine and dine him all weekend long. (If this doesn't work for anyone else, I'll gladly still organize the event for an alternative day.) of hands.

1) Who's in on going en masse?
2) Saturday work for you?
3) Morning to beat the crowds or early afternoon to sleep in?

Note to Go-Betty - this is in my 'hood so there is the opportunity to go to Buddha Palace for Chinese food afters.


GoBetty said...

Hello! I would love Sat. March 4th, the morning show (but anytime is ok by me!), the chinese afters... can't wait!

I am flexible for other times / dates too.

Lisa of Scarberia said...

Sounds great to me. Also flexible though. Keep me posted.