Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Adam Barlow Commands Ye! - Toronto Pub Night Feb 21st

Come on out to the Toronto Pub Night/Ping Fest - this time with a Scottish flair.

Tuesday, February 21, 7:00pm

Auld Spot Pub
347 Danforth Ave, Toronto (A few blocks east of Broadview station)


With special guest, freelance journalist Erin who will be talking to us about our love for all things Corrie for an article she's writing.

Now...due to recent discussions on Corrie Canuck, I've secured this place because they are willing to serve us haggis. (Keep reading, haggis eating is not a requirement to attending our pub night.)

I do have to give him a fairly accurate number of people who will be attending (I've 6 - 8 so far). So please drop me a line either in the comment section or at glacia at gmail dot com to let me know:

1) That you're coming
2) If you're bringing someone
3) If you plan on eating haggis (just so they know how much to prepare).

Long suffering spouses are WARMLY welcomed as these events are much more than just endless Corrie talk.

One last thing, let me know if you would like to be added to the evite group I have for the Toronto Corrie Canuck.


Pamer said...

I'm sorry Jacqueline but I won't be able to make it. I have to be in godforsaken Timmins

kowy said...

WHAAAA!!!!!! I wanna come!
Haggis AND Corrie?

GoBetty said...

I'll be there and eating haggis. Thanks!

Lori said...

You know,, I got ALL EXCITED when I saw the pic of the bared torso. I thought,, WOW,, instead of picking noses (lol) and lips of the women,, we get to guess the sexy chest. (hint, hint) Just think how stumped we could get on Fred,, or Norris,, HAHAHA,, ok,, thats the drink talking!

MJ said...

Lori: I'll see what I can do for you with Mystery Body Parts.

Deborah said...

How far away from the Danforth Go train station is the pub?

Jacqueline said...

deborah...not sure...send me an email to remind me and I'll find out.

glacia at gmail dot com

Deborah said...

Thanks Jacqueline.
I am really looking forward to the Corrie Canuck night. Can't wait to meet everyone.

Ang said...

Deborah I live REALLY close to the Danforth GO Station. You can hop on the subway from Main St. or grab a cab. If you want to meet up at the GO Station let me know.