Thursday, January 12, 2006

Wendi Peters Pushed Out

Last night, Soapstar Superstar waved a sad goodbye to its gutsiest contestant, Wendi Peters (our Cilla Brown.)

Here’s the scoop from the Soapstar Superstar website…

The Corrie star - and nightly nemesis of Billy Sammeth - went out in an elimination tussle with Roxy Pallett.

Wendi seemed resigned to her fate before Ben even had the chance to announce the result. In fact, Lee was good enough to tell her she was toast immediately after last night's show.

That was despite putting in one of her stronger performances.

"I was really pleased last night," she mused. "I didn't want to do 'I Try', but I gave it a good shot."

Unfortunately, that shot wasn't quite good enough to save her from the chop. Having helped Roxy prepare for her imminent performance, Wendi took her place amongst the judges. But not before thanking both the viewers and the band.

"I've had such a great time, thank you to everyone who voted for me."

Watch a video clip of Wendi singing I Try.

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Geoff said...

According to workmates, Mr Sammeth has been extremely rude, not just about Wendi's singing but about her personal appearance.

He's a very ugly man in his 50s who looks like a creased old rocker.