Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Webster Girls

Courtesy: CiTV

I found this lovely pic of the Webster girls, Brooke Vincent (our Sophie) and Helen Flanagan (our Rosie) from their appearance on Holly and Stephen's Saturday Showdown this past month. They appear to be cooking something, wouldn't Sally be proud?

They've certainly grown up since they first appeared on Corrie.


John said...

Wasn't Sophie played by someone else entirely a year ago?

MJ said...

We're now on our third Sophie Webster. First up was Ashleigh Middleton, then Emma Woodward, now Brooke Vincent. And though she hasn't been on the show long, Brooke has grown up quickly. As for Dozy Wobster, she's barely recognizable now from her childhood photo.

I suspect they're just heating up a package of fish fingers from Dev's Corner Shop. Afterall, they're graduates from the Sally Webster School of Culinary Arts.

Anonymous said...

I liked the previous Sophie the best, myself. She was much cuter. Although the current one can be quite mouthy and entertaining.