Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Very Special Corrie Canuck Entry

Happy Anniversary Baby, you know I love you.

Yeah, yeah... don't worry darling... I got something very, very special planned for my *special* lady. Yeah. I'm going to pick us up some drive thru and we're doing it twice!

That's right...Corrie Canuck is one year old!!! (Actually, she won't be one year until the 12th, but I'm on vacay at that time.)

So I'm being a little possessive about the official anniversary entry - mainly because this gives me an opportunity to sing the praises of all the Corrie Canucks here.

Honestly, this feels like watching your child go off to med school or Weatherfield. A year ago, I thought I'd just open a secondary blog to rant and rave about my one and only soap - seeing as no one else in my life wanted to hear it.

Shocked I was to find someone else jump on board (Ginny). Cool! At least I had another person to yak to.

But then as if out of a W.P. Kinsella novel, I built it and you came! All you G.D. adorable Corrie Canucks jumped on board and made this such an amazing site.

I'm fearful of listing everyone by name because I have a small brain and forget people - but one person obviously needs a round of applause. Our MJ. Without whom, probably half of you wouldn't have found us. She's gone out and recruited, she's researched, she's conned her brother into letting us hang out at his pub...she's airbrushed my mug into the arms of Charlie, Norris and Ken. For all you've done girl, my hat's off to you.

I also want to thank our contributors - each of you have made this place increasingly cool. I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to write something for us - you are the life blood.

And most of all, our readers - you are the soul of Corrie Canuck. Without you, I probably would have let this site grow a layer of dust.

So from the bottom of my heart - I'd like to thank all of you for making this the great site it is. I never would have imagined that so many fabulous and funny people would come.

Here's to a great start (everyone raise their pints) and more in the next year and beyond. (Ping fest, pub nights, more Corrie Canucks and who knows maybe ONE DAY a Corrie Canuck pilgrimage to Mecca (aka the set of Corrie).)

I'm out for the next few days, so I had the update reigns over to Papa Smurf...Godspeed lil' Smurf!(I don't know what happened tonight btw - my brain was elsewhere. People spoke with accents, had pints and ate meat pies.)

God willing when I get back I'll have a extra special cool suprise for you all.


Pamer said...

Blimey!!! One year???

Well, it certainly has been a good one. i have really enjoyed frolicking with you all in the world of Corrie.

Anonymous said...

A cool surprise??

What could possibly be cooler than this site and the people who make it happen?

Thanks for a great year.

Mrs. Mac from N.S.

Mushy Pea said...

Thank you from me too. I was delighted to discover Corrie Canuck and find other kooky Canadian Corrie companions. Keep up the good fun every one!

Jackie said...

Thanks for all the work you put into it! Finally I have somewhere to "talk" about Corrie!

MJ said...

A huge thank you to Corrie Canuck creator Jacqueline who’s given this crew of Corrie addicts a place to call home. Thanks to my fellow contributors who keep me informed and entertained. And a special thank you to everyone who takes the time to leave comments. You keep us motivated. Cheers!

Ginny said...

One year already! Boy it doesn't seem that long at all.