Friday, January 20, 2006

Update Jan 19, 2006


Bad boys, bad boys....whatcha going do? Whatcha going to do when the constabulary comes for you?

So Betty overhears Charlie says something having a gun and wanting to kill Dev. Exceptin' the 'gun' is a caulking gun (hee hee I said 'caulking'.).

Betty tells Norris, Norris tells the police and bada bing bada bang - the police are at the Rovers asking Charlie about owning a firearm.

Charlie then gets it into his head that Dev called the police and takes a run at him. But you know, the police are they have him face down on the bar faster than funny with him screaming, 'Get off me!'

Okay...this Ronnie Dobbs aspect of Charlie was a bit of turn off. I just had visions of him running drunk on the street in his underwear.

Don Micheal gathers the 'family' together to over dinner to announce that Adam's not only been 'made', but is being groomed to be Capo.

Just when it looks like Danny might fall apart, Penny jumps in and suggest that Adam can also get some training at her place.

Getting Away With Murder, He Wrote
Gandalf is trying to weasel money out of all the Weatherfield's senior set in order to 'publish' his book. When it looks like a lost cause, he starts packing his bags for parts unknown.

Norris comes with good tidings about Audrey helping out and Gandalf decides to stay. But first, he has to unpack Emily's collection of priceless Hummel figurines.

Sex in the City.
Roy is NOT looking at pornography on the web, as suspected by Haley.

I repeat, he his NOT looking at porn.


John said...

He ordered something from the internet, which was delivered in a brown paper bag which he didn't want to give up when Hayley asked about it. It's probably some kind of present for Hayley but I still like the Roy surfing Fleshbot theory.

mare said...

maybe it's his latest "ladies of the southwest line" calendar

Radmila said...

Remember the "caulking" skit on SNL....LOL...