Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Update - Jan 16, 2006 - Are You Kidding Me?

You know, when I come back from vacay, I expect the Corrie powers that be to give me a break with the first episode update. I expect to come back with this:

1) Norris folded some newspapers.
2) Chesney counted the cobblestones on the street. We watched. There are 3,736.
3) The locals drank some pints.
4) I enjoyed a nice tomato casserole while watching.

Yeah...but no....I get the Full 'Darran Little' Monty. (MJ genuflects)

Where to start? There was just a lot of tears and real emotion on this thing last night.

Stop! (in the name of love)

Rosie Webster, sole resident and mayor of Dumpsville. Craig dumped our favorite goth - and then accused of her not being a real goth! (Listen Craig - goth is as goth does).

This made Sophie almost wet her pants with laughter.

Rosie spends the first part of the episode trying to tell the adults in her life about the unbearable pain of heartache. This of course, doesn't work so well on adults who are in the midst of their own romantic disaster.

However, we do have a lovely scene where Rosie confronts Kevin about the Davenport Affair and tries to tell him that Sally wouldn't have slept with Ian. Dad and daughter have a good hug.

Meanwhile over at Kamp Kabin
Sally and Rita have it out. Well, mainly Sally has a breakdown and puts Rita through the tilt-o-whirl of 'really bitchy mean things women can say sometimes'. After her usual 'it isn't any of your business' schtick with Rita, she continues on saying how Rita looks down at her - specifically:

1 - That Rita thinks Sally is getting ahead of her station in life.
2 - That Rita thinks Sally only comes to her for money
3 - That Rita doesn't appreciate the fact that Sally does provide companionship and the Websters Do help Rita out.
4 - That Rita thinks Sally is spoiling her kids.


This was brilliant writing - because I think we've all been there (or maybe it's a chick thing). Your life is going down the crapper and you lose it on someone. As much as Sally is a twerp, there was a part of me that was nodding as she went on her tangent. From the land of been there, done that - this was brilliant scene.

BTW - the 'been there done that' feeling lasted until Sally reminded Rita that she never had a family and made Rita cry. Then I was all, 'Well, you just a bitch now, Sally.'

WEATHER 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a SEA of troubles...

And speaking of thinking highly of yourself...Candice who has spent a good portion of her time last week going 'I'm going to be a weather girl, so you guys can kiss my storm front' - got caught in her first big gig.

Maria and Tyrone saw her in town modeling raingear for a store window - and caught the half time show when Candice got soaked by the fake rain in the display.

A very wet Candice ends up in the Rovers where Maria leads the towns people in a public humiliation. (Oh the shot of Charlie and Jason - pointing fingers and saying, 'HA-HA!') Audrey takes Candice outside of the pub where Candice cries that she's not good at anything. This is where Mrs. Roberts tells her that she was a talented stylist snd talks her into coming back to the salon.

Are You My Mother?
Warren heads to a pub unknown where he meets....oh.... HIS MOM. They have a reunion and we can see that the first Mrs. Baldwin has not 'blossomed' after Danny left her. Her parting words to Warren are for him to not trust his father.

Edit note: I meant JAMIE not Warren, JAMIE

Bizarre Love Triangle
Wise words...cause Daddy is messing with your woman, Warren. Apparantly there wasn't enough action on the street this episode, we see the first kiss between Leanne and Danny. EVIL!!!


Lisa of Scarberia said...

Welcome back my leetle friend. When are we going out. I wanna hear about your adventures in Lutefisk Land.

And not to be a little miss know-it-some but I believe that it was Jamie's Mom. Jamie's g/f is Leanne. Warren's Mom is Frankie. I'm just sayin'...

Lisa the Smarty Pants who may be wrong...

Lisa The Humbled said...

Damn...now I'm wrong. You weren't in Lutefisk land but in Haliburton. D'oh! We're even. Let's buy each other a round...

Jacqueline said...

Dear Lisa.

YOu okay?

You are right about the Jamie/Warren thing. I canno tell unwashed teends apart.

Lisa the Scarberian said...

Good thing we didn't procreate ;)
See you on the 16th!

Jacqueline said...



Anonymous said...

Rita says "Sally, you used to be so nice, what happened?"

That's egg-zactly what everyone I know who has watched the show for years has said about her. She used to be nice.

As for Rita's ingratitude, all I've ever seen on screen is Sally asking her to babysit, looking for and getting big bucks loans from her, etc., etc.

Personally, I'd rather be very very lonely than have Sally as a friend.

And don't get me started on Sally's satanic spawn....

"Let's go to your house Craig, where there are no annoying sisters or parents. D-uh!"

Jackie said...

Sally drives me up the wall! I wish that Kevin would leave and take the kids, and let her live alone in the missery she has created.

Ok, that was harsh, but man does she annoy me!