Monday, January 02, 2006

Uncle Albert Tatlock

Last week Deirdre complained to Ken, “You get more like your Uncle Albert every year.”

“Uncle” Albert Tatlock left the show in 1984 so here’s a little background for those of us who didn’t get to know him.

Albert was one of the original Coronation Street cast members, making his debut on December 9, 1960 when Corrie aired for the first time.

Albert was the original occupant of No. 1 Coronation Street. He played a grumpy World War One veteran but had a good heart underneath.

Albert became something of an institution in the UK, so much so that grumpy old men were sometimes nicknamed "Albert Tatlock".

He married Bessie Vickery after the war and she gave birth to their daughter Beattie when he was unemployed during the Depression. He found a job as a clerk at the Weatherfield Town Hall where he worked until his retirement.

His daughter moved away in 1953, and his wife died six years later. Albert’s niece Valerie Tatlock lived with him until she married Ken Barlow in 1962. Valerie died in 1971 but Uncle Albert still regarded Ken as ‘family’.

Albert Tatlock was played by actor Jack Haworth who died in 1984 at the age of 88 years.

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