Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Try Writing In the Nude - UPDATE

Lord of the Rovers

Gandalf is settling in very nicely on the street. Weasling his way into the hearts and minds of all. His work so far:

1. Secure lodging at Emily's.

2. Expose Ken for the bourgeois critic that he is.

3. Get Doris to pay for his smokes and booze.

4. Get inspiration from the warring working class of Weatherfield (aka Cilla and Janice)

5. Sing the praises of the winged rats (aka pigeons). Sorry, I'm with Norris on this one.

My favorite line so far, 'Beautify yourself Emily and escort me to the pub. I need my muse.' (Man, if I had a dollar for everytime I heard THAT in my life.)

Downtown Chesney Brown

As Cilla and Les sing the praises of Spain (great place if you pass on that foreign food. Find a Chip shop and it's just like England with sun.) - Chesney is beginning to make comparisons between them and the Croppers.

Specifically, he doesn't go hungry at the Croppers.

Cilla and Les try to dazzle him back with Sangaria, tight bathing suits and flip flops.

Met mom in the big house and found out the truth...she'll be behind bars for 4 years. He did the typically teenage anger fit and then calmed down. He is beginning to recognize that his grandfather is a force for good, not evil.

Grandpa is also getting friendly with Audrey (I think this is a good match.)

Sally is a Two Timing Hussy

Ian - Let's have an affair!

Sally - No!

Sophie - Dad, can't you hear what I'm really saying? Mom's having an affair, not working late. But I can't tell you that explicitly.


Jackie said...

Am I the only one that really can't stand Gandalf??? He just annoys the crap out of me. And for all that he says about Ken, altough Ken can get a bit drab, I kinda like him.

now all we need is for Cilla and Les to go back to Spain (Cilla at least) and for Ches to move in with the Croppers, I think it did them all good.

Anonymous said...

I thought Emily had Gandalf's number for a minute, and then she was dazzled by the muse comment.

I am waiting to see just how far his con will go. Cigars and lodging are one thing, what's next?

I confess I don't like Audrey with Angie's Dad. (Does the man even HAVE a name?)

I like her with Fred. He adores her, and she is genuinely affectionate with him.

Of course, her soulmate is the long-departed Alf, Blanche's ex. Loved him.

Pamer said...

I love Mel Hutchwight!!! But Jackie, I think you are supposed to hate that character, Sir Ian is playing it well overboard though and you can see that he is having a riot with it.

MJ said...

Gandalf has given me a new slogan: "Its never too early or late to libate!"

Angie's dad's name is Keith Appleyard.

papasmurf said...

Doris = Norris? How droll...

Jacqueline said...

I know...I've lowered myself when I start quoting Les's nicknames for our Norris

Jackie said...

lol, unfortunatly, it looks like Les got it right on this one (Doris). I laugh everytime because it doesn't seam that Noris ever has a comeback for Les.