Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Trouble With Mel and The Duping of Grey Power

You know, Mel and Lionel are the same person, so what's the problem with the giving of the money? I don't know that it would stand up in a korrie kangaroo kourt of law... except for the fact that the purpose of the money was for Mel / Lionel to self-publish, and not to scarper. But once you make a gift of money (and the money was a gift I believe, or am I wrong? Was it meant to be an investment for Grey Power?), the recipient can do whatever they want with it. Lionel is not impersonating Mel, he IS Mel. I don't see the problem. Um, except that he's a scumbag who almost stole Emily's Royal Doulton knick knacks.

But when Mel threatened Grey Power with their exposing their vanities, man, would I love a transcript of that! Didn't he call Emily "Eleanor Rigby" and refer to her cooking as "burnt offerings"?

I shall miss our Gandalf-ian friend Mel and his brilliant parting look of utter disdain as he crossed the cobbles over to the bus stop upon his final exit from The Street.

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