Friday, January 13, 2006

Thunder Bay Pingfest

An invitation to one and all to have a pint with us in our local - the Poxy Pig, er The Fox & Hedgehog. Although Thunder Bay is a bit off the beaten path it is worth the trip with our magnificent natural splendour and the truly wonderful people here. Our pub has many fine choices on tap and the staff are magnificent - especially Candace. We even have an authentic English import - aka Rob from England. When the cougars come out to prowl on a Friday night they just adore his accent. (anyone not knowing what a 'cougar' is feel free to ask - not sure how universal this term is) Mind you we get together every Friday night and discuss the happenings in Weatherfield (and some English football as well) but I thought it would social to invite all the Corrie Canuck crowd. Cheers!


Pamer said...

i miss the sleeping giant, haven't been to the Bay in years

i think i'm officially too old for the cougars now **sigh**

GoBetty said...

Haven't been there in a million years. Maybe someday...

MJ said...

We applaud your Thunder Bay Pingfest plan!

Out here on the “Wet Coast” (where it’s rained for 26 consecutive days and shows no signs of stopping) we’re in the early stages of organizing a Vancouver Pingfest. Two of your Corrie Canuck contributors are still in the process of selecting a choice of dates before we officially post an invitation. But our hats are off to the Thunder Bay crowd who obviously know how to party since you get together EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT!

Toronto crowd: Jacqueline will be back from hols next week and she’s planning to organize another Corrie Canuck Pub Nite a.s.a.p. so stay tuned.

Addy said...

Hey MJ Thanks a bunch for posting my Charlie Stubbs Hatemail Guestbook! Glad to see others hate him as much as I do LOL
Btw I've really been enjoying reading your blogs keep up the great work! Have a good weekend! :)
ps Really enjoyed the soapstar superstar videos Kirkeh is actually a bit of a stud on there!

Jackie said...

I just finished watching Cornie tonight, and all I have to say is,
"What is up with Candice's shirt?" I felt like I had to keep looking away or I would violate her!