Tuesday, January 03, 2006

There is One Who Could Unite Them

One who could reclaim the throne of Weatherfield.


(BTW - I had a special guest star joining me on the couch for last night's episode - Mr. Glacia.)


So Ian McKellen has arrived on Corrie!!! HURRAH!!!

As a suprise guest, he waltzed into Roy's Rolls and asked if there was a Mrs. Blanche Hunt as he waved a purple envelope which surely must have been perfumed. Then, ladies and gentlemen he introduced himself as Mel Hutchwright - author of Hard Grindings.

Blanche, Rita, Emily and Norris swoon and Ken moans as MR.('I can assure you Mel Hutchwright is 100% male'-reminiscent of Pamer's comments a few months ago)Hutchwright settles into bask in the warm glow of his fans' admiration. He deftly picks out each players role in the group (Stupid Took of a Norris! - okay maybe he didn't say that.), and graciously accepts all offers of drink and lodging from the Weatherfield 5.

Comments from Mr. Glacia, 'Why is Gandalf on Corrie?'

The Pain from Spain
Fed up with waiting for Godzilla and Les to return his calls, Roy packs his and Chesney's bags to head off for Spain.

As they are stepping on the people mover towards the departures, we see Godzilla and Les step off the opposite moving people mover. Yes, they have returned from their 3 year holiday and set off to collect Chesney.

When they find out what happened from Haley, Zilla decides to delay sending a message to Roy so that Chesney can get the plane ride he's always wanted on the Croppers coin.

Turns out Roy and Chesney missed the flight anyway and Chesney is reunited with Momzilla.

Mr. Glacia's comments as Kirkeh says goodbye to Chesney, 'Is that guy still stealing jewellery.'

Evidence recovered from Tommy's grave proves that Katydid, did. Somehow Angela thinks this means that she is free to go.

Nooooooooooo - you covered up crime lady. Her solicitor says she'll get probably 6 - 8 years.


Danny and son decide to tamper with Jack's pigeon coops so that the birds will be set free.

So that the HOMING pigeons will be set free.

(Free to live their dreams of - well - coming home.)

Comment from Mr. Glacia - 'What's wrong with these guys?'


MJ said...

Yes, it was Pamer I thought of right away too when Gandalf declared himself 100 per cent male. (MJ hangs her head in shame recalling the gender slipup.)

We must take Mr. Glacia on as a regular contributor. His outsider insights are gold.

Jacqueline said...

I agree...Mr.Glacia's been lurking in the back far too long.