Monday, January 09, 2006

Soapstar Superstar Videos

A special thankyou goes out to Corrie Canuck reader and creator of the Richard Fleeshman Fan Blog who tipped me off about these Soapstar Superstar video clips.

Click on the names below the photos to see the video clips.

Richard Fleeshman (our Craig Harris)

(Photo via Supanet)

Shobna Gulati (our Sunita Alahan)

Wendi Peters (our Cilla Brown)

A word in the news about Wendi’s performance…

Judge Billy Sammeth saved his most venomous bile for Wendi Peters. Having completed her rendition of 'Lady Is A Tramp', the lovable lady was left visibly shaken by Sammeth's surmise.

"The song was lovely," he began. "But I think whoever did your wardrobe you should fire.

"You should accentuate the positive and cover up other parts."

Wendi was shocked. But she wasted no time in hitting back at the pithy panelist: "Billy, as a larger lady I will represent myself as I wish".

And later, given time to reflect on Billy's comments, she was no less indignant. Adamant that she's there "to be judged on my singing, not my outfit," Wendi is eager to be given another go.

And according to The Mirror…

Wendi Peters hit back at the Soapstar Superstar judge who called her fat - by having the sleeves cut off her outfit to reveal even more flesh.

Wendi, 37, who plays Weatherfield loudmouth Cilla, was furious when US showbiz agent Billy Sammeth poked fun at her size 14 figure and said women of a certain age should not wear revealing clothes.

His outburst came on the first night of the live ITV singing contest.

But Wendi insisted the wardrobe alter her outfit to show off her bare arms.

A show insider said: "Her attitude was 'stuff him'. She had no intention of covering up and looked absolutely fabulous when she stepped on stage."

Wendi, who had joked she was appearing on behalf of all size 14-16 mums, wowed in a blue chiffon dress and glittery jacket.


Anonymous said...

Ok,, that was just nasty. I thought Wendi Peters looked fantastic! I know where she should have told that guy to shove the sleeves she had removed!

MJ said...

Ha! Great suggestion.

raindrizzlefog said...

Awesome! Great links...thanks :)