Saturday, January 14, 2006

Soapstar Superstar Update: And Then There Were Three

We're down to 3! Andy Whyment and Richard Fleeshman from Coronation Street and Lucy Pargeter from Emmerdale.

Here’s the latest news from the Soapstar Superstar website:

Then there were three. All week, we've been whittling our soapstars down from a terrific ten to a fantastic three.

And tonight they faced their toughest task yet.

We know by now that all of them can sing, but we didn't know whether they could dance.

Now we do.

Even ol' snakehips himself, Andy Whyment, pulled out the moves tonight. And he couldn't have sang a more fitting tune. As the first chords of Robbie William's 'Let Me Entertain You' bathed the audience, the man began to sway. By then end of it all, he was marching around the stage, sidling up to some rather feisty female dancers, and even throwing out the odd kick.

But Andy was simply following the lead set by his fellow finalists.

It has to be asked: is there anything that Richard Fleeshman can't do? The man can sing, he can dance, he earn the shameless adoration of female fans near and far. And he can moonwalk.

The man dazzled us all with one of the smoothest moonwalks around as he launched into Jamiroquai's 'Cosmic Girl', and his smooth moves didn't end there.

And then there was Lucy. She said she knackered. But from somewhere deep down she managed to summon up a bundle of energy to do what countless popstars before her haven't managed: sing 'Spinning Around' without lipsynching.

So there you have it. Now it’s over to the nation as they vote to save their fave. The final of Soapstar Superstar is tonight (Saturday) on ITV1.

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katy said...

hi there is nothing richard cant do he can sing great he can dance and he can bring viewers to the show(especially the girls) i personally love him hes great lots of love katy richards number 1 fan xxxxxxxxx