Saturday, January 28, 2006

Soapstar Superstar the Album

For those of you interested in the Soapstar Superstar series that took place recently, there's another way (other than rummaging through the ITV website video collection) to listen to your favorite Corrie stars in action. If you happen to live in the UK (or happen to be visiting) you can actually buy the official Soapstar Superstar album from the ITV Shop or via Amazon UK. You may recall that the final showdown was between Richard Fleeshman (our Craig) and Andy Whyment (our Kirk), with Richard being victorious. But fear not, in addition to the final two lads, you can also hear Wendi Peters (our Cilla) and Shobna Gulati (our Sunita) on the CD.

Here's a list of the tracks sung by the Corrie stars, as featured on the album:

Hanging On The Telephone - Wendi Peters
I'm Still Waiting - Shobna Gulati
You Really Got Me - Andy Whyment
I Can't Read You - Richard Fleeshman
Heaven - Andy Whyment
Lady Is A Tramp - Wendi Peters
Trippin' - Richard Fleeshman
Get Happy - Shobna Gulati

Andy used to be in a band called "Notion" while both Wendy and Shobna formerly appeared on Celebrity Stars in Their Eyes (another televised talent competition in the UK). And Richard, for his part, has recently been praised by Robbie Williams' former manager as being "better" than Robbie himself.


MJ said...

Do you know if they'll hold Soapstar Superstar again next year?

My favourite was Andy singing "Dancing in the Moonlight" but it's not on the tracks. So I went back to the Corrie Canuck archives to watch that video and the link goes to Roxy singing instead. It looks like they mixed up a lot of the video links since they originally posted them. I'm not going to change the links though as you never know... they might change them all again. And we can just go to the Soapstar Superstar site if we want to see the videos.

Chelly said...

Hi MJ, I loved Andy's version of "Dancing in the Moonlight" too! There's not alot of info out there, as to whether or not the show will continue next year. But judging from it's popularity, it just might.

That being said, there were still some harsh critics of the series and of the subsequent album. You can read such a review here