Saturday, January 07, 2006

Soap’s Top 10 Unsexiest Scenes

Dev does Deirdre

Here's a rundown of the 10 unsexiest soap sex scenes ever. Our own Coronation Street has not escaped the list.

Deirdre and Dev placed 10th. I would have rated that unforgettable moment in first place!

And what unsexy scenario would be complete without our Ken? In ninth place, there’s Ken Barlow with Wendy Crozier (1989).

Try as we may, who can forget the Tracy BarlowRoy Cropper love match? Number 3.

EastEnders takes the number one spot on the list.

Thinking about these gruesome twosomes has put me off my tea. Let’s do a complete 360 and turn the subject around.

What are your picks for the SEXIEST scenes?


John said...

Thing is, I can't think of any sexy scenes on Corrie. I don't really watch it for The Sexy.

Maybe Karen and Joe Carter doing it on the table in Underworld in front of Steve? That was sort of naughty.

Now if only Violet could get more hot action, I would be happy.

MJ said...

John: Karen and Joe Carter? You nailed it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, anything with Les and Cilla!

Or Ken and Deirdre.

Or Sally and Kevin.

Or Sally and Ian.

Or Gail and Richard.

Or Kirk and Fizz.

Or... OK, sorry, sorry. Hope no one was eating. Bleccch!

Truth is, the only sexy pairing I can remember is Karen and Joe Carter, so I agree with John on this.

Danny and Frankie scenes could be sexy, but they never have any. I guess he's too busy trying to share the love.

Mrs. Mac

Lisa Millar said...

What about Tracey Barlow & Blanche's boyfriend... that was most repulsive.

Ewwwww factor 11

Anonymous said...

Ewww! Ewww! Ewww! Forgot about that one!

Mrs. Mac