Thursday, January 26, 2006

Shake it, Don’t Break it

Mind you don’t bruise your bottoms

RANDY Brits cause £350million in damage a year — thanks to energetic sex, a poll reveals.

A third of couples broke something during sex and ONE IN TEN made insurance claims after trashing lamps, vases and beds — even pulling down curtains.

Forty-one per cent have suffered carpet burns, a third pulled their backs and 12 per cent twisted ankles or wrists.

Saucy couples in the South East were the most accident prone, while Yorkshire lovers put in the most claims for damage.

Adult store chain Ann Summers commissioned the poll of 2,000 people.

Boss Jacqueline Gold said: “It’s fantastic that people are adventurous — but they need to be careful.”

Top ten injuries suffered: 1 Carpet burns; 2 Pulled back; 3 Twisted wrist; 4 Twisted ankle; 5 Bruised bottom; 6 Bruised leg; 7 Grazed elbows; 8 Scratched back; 9 Bumped head; 10 Broken bones.

Source: The Sun


Pamer said...

I've only broken a few hearts

Jacqueline said...

absolutely no comment on this one.

and pamer?