Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sally and Ian - over at last?

Update for January 12, 2006

For a little variety - a point form summary of the events of today.

-Norris babbles on to Sunita about the Apostrophe Protection Society, in an obscure reference/tribute to Lynn Truss perhaps.
-David Platt does his worst impersonation of a footballer until Keith gets stuck in after a third warning - stuck into his football with a pitchfork that is - and then gives Barney the Bunny a hungry look as well. Looks like rabbit stew for Craig someday soon.
-Cilla and her fearless chippy sidekick have a serious meltdown followed by a merry chase through the streets of Weatherfield. To replace her fryer she recruits her friend the afghan - who promptly makes a big impression on Diggery Compton. Love is in the air it would seem.
-Norris does some really bad impersonations for Emily and Rita at the Rovers, why I'm not exactly sure.
-Betty gives Charlie a piece of her mind for punching Dev. Shelley simpers a bit.
-Sal gets her new job at the other auto dealership only to discover Ian gave her a very special reference. Sal is shocked when her new boss tries to get a leg over on her, and when she protests is told 'if you're not willing to put out, you're no use to me.' So much for extra job benefits.
-Sally goes home and has emotional moments with her various family types. Rosie does her best audition for miserable daughter of the year. Sophie whinges about something or other.
-Kevin tries to understand why she is so upset and Sally eventually confesses - or partly does - saying Ian had been trying it on with her, and that's why everything had gone wrong lately.
-Kev goes to the garage to confront Ian and gives him a punch. (lots of punching going on it seems) Ian admits to 'trying it on' with Sally, but adds that he 'tried it out' as well. Full disclosure at last, or so it would seem.
-However when Kev gets home and Sally asks him what Ian said, he replies that Ian had nothing to say, and then holds her in his arms, all the while with a mysterious look in his eyes.


Shna said...

Can anyone explain to me, why in the name of all things Corrie, should Kevin stay with that trollop of a wife? I mean really...when he cheated on her he was out the door - ever since then he has put up with her crap about not being good enough and only being with him for the girls. Good grief! Now he knows she cheated on him and is letting her get away with it!? What is going on!

Whew...sorry about this long and winding post - gotta get this stuff off my chest before I explode.

MJ said...

There really IS an Apostrophe Protection Society.

The addition of Yana as 'Deputy Fryer' to the chippy should make for some madcap moments.

Norris' bad impersonations? He'll do anything for attention.

Ian's line of the week, "Thanks for the loan Kevin. You can have her back. I've filled my boots."

Anonymous said...

We say that a lot on the East Coast --fill your boots! As in be my guest.

Now I won't be able to say that for a while without gagging.

And Shna, I think Kevin stays because of the girls, and because of guilt from his own time playing around with other women -- back in the day when Sally was actually nice.

She is now my most hated person on the street.

Jackie said...

Sally is right up there with Charlie, and Doris! lol