Thursday, January 19, 2006

Richard Fleeshman

I need to clarify something about Corrie Canuck - just cause I think there's some confusion about our connection to Richard Fleeshman.

This site is really a general Coronation Street fan blog - and though we love Richard, we have no contact with him.

A lot his fans have been leaving comments and sending requests for him to contact them. Unfortunately, I don't believe he actually reads this site. (Of course, my apologies to you, Richard, if you do READ this.)

While we appreciate the enthusiastic partcipation of Richard's fans, I just don't want anyone to be left waiting a response from him.

MJ found the address where you can send fanmail to Richard or any other Corrie Fan. Be sure however, to write 'Attention: Richard Fleeshman' (or whoever) at the top.

Coronation Street
c/o Granada Television
Quay Street
M60 9EA

This is good information for anyone who wants to send their favorite Corrie folks a mash note. My perfumed scented letter to Norris is being shipped off today.

That's it - just wanted to clear this up.

Oh, and, 'Yeah Richard!!'.


GoBetty said...

I'm a big writer of mash notes.

Anonymous said...
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