Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Record Deal for Richard

(photo via Richard Fleeshman Fan Blog)

The Mirror reports that record bosses want to sign up Richard Fleeshman after his red-hot performances on Soapstar Superstar.

The 16-year-old, who plays Goth tearaway Craig Harris in Coronation Street, is the surprise hit of the show and favourite to win. And now music executives want him to swap his £80,000-a-year role for a pop career.

A record industry insider said: "He is a very marketable young man who has a great voice. This could be the start of something big."


Addy said...

Hi MJ and everyone!
Just read my email and thought I'd pop by and check out your site and am very impressed! I'm going to link it on my Corrie msn space. Have a great day! I'll be back! :)

Anonymous said...

HIA ! i love richard , he's an awesome singer ! i loooooooooove him . ldsa juicy gossip i c o u l d tell you about corrie ( cos im in england ) B U T!!! no u jus have 2 wait and see ! heheh xxx

MJ said...

Hi Addy! Your Charlie Stubbs Hatemail Book deserves its own posting on Corrie Canuck. Stay tuned.

Anonymous in England: Thanks for not giving away the plotlines. We love a surprise over here.

Addy said...

Ohhhh can't wait!! Charlie Stubbs is the devil himself!!! He gives me the creeps.