Monday, January 30, 2006

Quick last update for the end of last week

I was a little negligent in my duties on Thurs and Friday about what happened on Corrie.

For the benefit of those who didn't catch this week's episodes:

1) Jamie told Frankie that he had been to see Carol. Frankie seemed shocked, but didn't hold it against him.

2) Stepford Shel has a big black eye because she walked into a door that Charlie was opening. Seriously. So now, they've decided it's best if she hides upstairs in her room until the shiner goes because the whole town will think he's hitting her. She agrees to this, but there's some weird thing happening with Charlie that he really doesn't want her to come down. Course, it's much better to have the town see you are alienating her from her friends and family than for her to walk around with a bruise.

3) Diggory offered Sarah more money to come work for him - which she readily accepted. Dev be pissed. Then when a 20 was missing from the till, Diggogy-do accused Sarah of stealing and fired her. Later, Angela's father told him, that he has mice and they've been getting into the til and taking the cash (for their LUXURY mouse condos).

4) Leanne got dumped by Jamie over telling Danny about Carol. Short story (cause I'm sure Go-Betty wants to keep us posted on this) is that Leanne and Danny ended up in the sack together. EVIL!

5) Jim - we hardly knew you. I REALLY thought we were going to get Jim back, but it doesn't seem to be. He beat up his cellmate over a toothpaste tube and had his parole revoked. Liz says she can't wait another two years for him and dolled herself up to tell him it's over.

It was a rather painful scene that ends with Jim running after Liz, being held back by the guards whilst screaming, 'Elizabeth, don't leave! I love you.' (Heathcliff! Catherine!)

Now that she's been able to toss off that burden - Liz is out on the town and looking for love. She goes off to one of those speed dating deals with Eileen and ...(damn..can't remember) where there is no success. However, later Ken comes into the pub with one of his colleagues and there seems to be some interest between Liz and guy. (Personally, I don't think she's his type...but..what the hell.)

Now - why I like Jim McDonald

Because of all the Corrie Characters, he's one of the least black and white characters. Bad? Yup. Good? Yup.

Without putting too much weight on the significance of his character, to me he's always been like a mythical character that has one fatal flaw that is his ruin in the end.

For those of you unfamiliar with Jim's character - he's an ex-army guy with a temper that keeps getting him into trouble. And it doesn't help that he had one of the most toxic marriages ever to hit the street. No one can accuse of Jim of being a level headed husband, but honestly, no one can accuse Liz of having common sense when it came to him.

My thing with her was - look either leave him or don't. And if you're going to have affairs, for God's sake, don't confess.

Anyway, while never excusing Jim's temper, here's the 'Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry' history of Jim:

> Is in prison because he attacked the guy who beat up his son Steve. He ended up killing guy in the beating.

>Gave up drinking when Steve was in jail because Steve couldn't drink.

> Escaped from jail and booted it to Ireland, but got caught because he stopped to save Ashley and Claire from drowning.

> Had to quit his job as a security guard because he was afraid his temper would get him in trouble.

I just wish there had been anger management classes for Jim, because unlike Charlie, I never believed Jim was evil incarnate.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Jim was always one of my favorite characters, although his temper has led him to make many bad choices in life.