Monday, January 09, 2006

My Little Battered Sausage

Update for January 9, 2006.

A peaceful Sunday in Weatherfield.

The Clan Webster.

Peace and tranqulity reigns in the Webster household for a change, with a family day out, featuring sausage sandwiches and silly clothing accessories. Kevin does look smashing in an oversized bow-tie though.

The Weather Girl

The resident weather girl in the Baldwin household hears of a lead on a job as an 'eye in the sky' traffic reporter. To practice she stands on a ladder whilst perusing a road map of Manchester. This seems a fine idea till Leanne points that the actual streets won't be labelled in real life. On to plan C next perhaps.

A Penny burned

Mike prepares to make breakfast for Penny when her neighbour rings to inform her that the alarm is going off in her house. Chivalry sems to be forgotten these days in Weatherfield, as Mike opts to man the burner while he sends Penny off by herself to investigate. It turns out she had indeed been robbed, which gives Frankie lots of ammunition to lambaste Mike later regarding his neanderthal ways.

Mel the Mooch

Gandalf continues to weave his magic on the literati denizens of the street.
Fred is conned out of a free brandy after being told a character in the new novel is based on him - the underground Atlas - the working man's hero.
Roy contributes a free meal, with lots of gravy, after being given the enviable job of research assistant on the new novel - trains suddenly playing a crucial role in the plot, after Mel cannot seem to find his bank card.
Norris, with little promting, donates a pint to the cause as well.

A chippy is a lifeline for lazy folk

Things go badly in the chippy, causing Codcilla to have a meltdown. To cheer her up Les brings home a used pink coffin, sorry - used tanning bed, to bring a little bit of Espana to Coronation Street. This cheers her up for a bit, in spite of her fears of catching fire because of being covered in chip grease. However when Les pulls the door off the fridge to get her a lager they understand that they need a plan to replace all the dilapidated fixtures in the flat. In a rare moment of genius, Les realizes the quick and easy way to outfit the place would be through wedding gifts - and is inspired to get down on one knee and ask Cilla to be his third wife, to which she happily accepts. Strange days indeed.


MJ said...

My little battered sausage indeed. Add to that Les Battersby's other words of endearment, "My little deep fat fryer." How could she resist the Battersby charm?

Anonymous said...

Why is Fizz there all the time now?

With Candice at the Baldwins, wouldn't there be tons of room at her own apartment, which is much, much nicer???

Jackie said...

lol, I wondered about Fizz myself! Infact, she actually seamed to be nice to Cilla yesterday! Strange days indeed!