Monday, January 23, 2006

My Boyfriends Back

Okay - Friday night saw talk of Jim McDonald's return to the street.

True confession time...I've always liked that mustached, heavy drinking, one shirt wearing hothead. Don't know why, just have.

I will be doing a very happy dance the minute he's back on the screen. (Especially if he comes back like this photo.)

BTW - not unlike our first prime minister and myself, Charlie Lawson who played Jim did his best work drunk. (Jacqueline raises her glass.)

In other Friday news.

Stepford Shel is getting all paranoid that the towns folk are talking about what a fool for love she is.

Gandalf starts campaigning for funds to sell his book and refers to the group as a Confederacy of Dunces to prove once again that he is a smartiepants. (Note: I never thought that the reason Toole killed himself was over not being published...but I could be wrong.)

Dev, Fred and Roy meet to discuss the Diggory problem - and all is going well until they discover that Roy has fed them Diggory bread. (Dev, as you spit that out, remember there are worse things to eat. I found out the Norwegian word for 'Horse' the hard way.)

Mike is getting a bit forgetful.......

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