Saturday, January 14, 2006

Mount him in the traditional pose

Upate for January 13, 2006

Sorry about the late posting today Corrie fans. Hopefully I can remember some of the highlights from the episode last night. I was occupied early Saturday morning by the Coronation Street appropriate Manchester City v. Manchester City Derby. (won 3-1 by City huzzah!) The Thunder Bay pingfest was great fun - as Mel said 'it's never too early or too late to libate.' (or something like that) Regardless, we had geat fun, copious amounts of ale were consumed, much flirting was done, mysterious phone numbers were discovered on a beer coaster this morning. On to the update then.

-Mel (the cat-meow) flirts outrageously with Audrey, either out of genuine interest or a means to get a free haircut.
-Ken, Norris, and Mel have share some quality bonding time whilst getting their locks shorn. No doubt Ken and Mel will be going on holidays togeteher sometime in the near future.
-Emily has a figurine go missing from her sitting room. Mel admits to breaking it in a fit of creative rage, although he seems quite intrigued when he hears the potential value the figurine might have for a collector.
-Candice is succesful (so it seems) in her quest to gain fame and fortune as a weather presenter, although where she will be working exactly seems to be a matter of interest - as was the skimpy red number she was wearing.
-David discovers that Barney the Bunny has gone to the great carrot patch in the sky. Much sadness and gnashing of teeth ensues. When the time for the internemnt ceremony arrives, the newly departed is not to be found. Has Barney done a Harey Houdini - come back to life and escaped his cage somehow?
-The mystery is solved when Keith (the taxidermist) arrives with a freshly stuffed Barney 'mounted in the traditonal pose.' Much hilarity ensues.
-Kevin, after much moping about, finally confronts Sally about the truth of her affair. Sal continues to deny all the accusations, maintaining her loyalty to Kevin and their family. Kev responds to this with a wonderful riposte - 'what's loyal about banging your boss?' About time Kevin.
-In spite of all the unpleasantness regarding trust and the like it seems as if the Webster clan will continue to be a family for while longer.
-That is about as much as I can recall methinks, please fill any of the blanks Thanks!


MJ said...

Gandalf has a go at Ken in The Rovers over Ken's solecisms, i.e. grammatical mistakes. Gandalf feigns amazement that Ken (unlike me) knows the meaning of 'solecism' without looking it up in the dictionary.

bookluver1965 said...

I loved the part where Mel and Norris giggled over Ken's use of the word "disinterested" to mean "uninterested." Mel is soooo pretentious and Norris reminds me of the picked on kid at school who becomes pals with the school bully. I love the stern look Ken gets every time Mel tries to put him down.

missusmac said...

My favorite line was Mel's throwaway about Audrey being so good at haircutting, his head "looks as though it hasn't even been touched."

Which has always been the big joke about Audrey's salon, you come out with the same hair you went in with.

Want proof? Check out Ken at the pub. His head looks no different, and he was in the chair next to Mel.

And finally, as I appear to write my own novel, Emily may be on to Mel.

That stern look she had on her face as he left the room tossing
apologies makes me think I wouldn't want her for an enemy...

wife of Mr. Mystic said...

aargh - i can't stand Sally - it was bad before but it's gotten even worse now!!!!!