Saturday, January 14, 2006

More Magic Moments from Richard Fleeshman

Watch Richard Fleeshman (our Craig Harris) as he delivers a smooth rendition of Mr. Bojangles.

That’s a close-up of his mum and dad in the Soapstar Superstar audience.

See Richard singing Mary by the Scissor Sisters.

No Stench of Death, then?

This just in from The Mirror:

SOAPSTAR Superstar favourite Richard Fleeshman has revealed why he hasn't sung Goth songs on the show - he hates them.

Richard, 16, who plays Corrie Goth Craig Harris, has disappointed fans waiting for him to belt out such songs on the show. But he prefers piano-led and guitar-based music.

"The Goth character was a difficult thing to get my head round," said Richard. "I'm not really a fan of Goth music. I'm more a piano and guitar man - that's what I love."

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Tanya said...

Ya know what I'd love to see him sing...Smooth! I bet he'd rock.

Anonymous said...

I love this guy sooo much! he is a really amazing singer with a gorgeous smile

katy said...

hi i love richard so much i knew he would win it buy a mile he so excellent all the songs he done was excellent love katy your number 1 fan xxxxxxxxx

mel said...

Rich is amazing you deserve all the success you get you are totally gifted and the most gud luking person around
lv ya

Anonymous said...

I know for sure that nobody can possibly LOVE richard as much as I do. Hes drop dead gorgeous, talented AND young! What more could a girl ask for? I guess I'm gonna have to share him though :p

Mrs Fleeshman said...

Richard is mine grls! i am his biggest fan, i have been 4 ages! i love him and i fink i need 2 marry him ! :P

Anonymous said...

Richard is so fit and I luv him as a goth and in real life 2

Anonymous said...

Richard is fit no doubt about that he is drop dead gorgeous with an amazing smile but the best thing about him is his voice it just gives me goosbumps watching him on tv not as a goth was amazing I always knew that he would be fit but never thought anything really of it not like now when he first went into the street he was so young and cute.Yum!
Luv His NO1 Fan

the real mrs fleeshman said...

well sorry all of you but richard fleeshman is already my husband so get your filthy hands off hil or else

Anonymous said...

richard is so sexy and has a 'hot bod' so hands off he is MINE so stay AWAY.