Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Love is in the air - or is that vomit?

Update (sorry just a quick one) for January 10, 2006

Mike, in an effort to redeem himself persuades Penny to move in with him and be the last woman in his life, which could mean all sorts of nefarious things.

Candice gets her chance to audition to be the Eye in the Sky traffic reporter dressed in her hoochiest unitard outfit - in the colours of Weatherfield County of course - but it all goes wrong when she can't find a bathroom to puke in. The fair citizens of Coronation Street get a good chuckle at her expense at least.

Ian continues to be a plonker at work towards 'spare part' Sally, who is so incensed by his behaviour she retaliates by phoning Justine to report Ian has spent an hour in his office with a comely lass - with the door closed and the blinds drawn - only to discover that she is actually the Davenport's accountant. How embarassing indeed. Ian responds by driving off after telling Sal he has to tell something to Kevin - 'man to man'. Sally races home to head him off, but in the end Ian only is there to tell Kevin that he has hired two new mechanics and won't be sending any more business Kevin's way. Crisis avoided - for now at least.

The wedding plans proceed in the (double-barrelled name) Battersby-Brown household, although Fiz quickly figures out what their plans are - to refurbish their house through the generosity of their wedding guests. Things go awry for the schemers when Chesney lets slip in The Kabin what Cilla and Uncle Daddy are up to, and once Norris gets word on the street the regulars at the Rovers tell the happily betrothed they will all be busy on the upcoming wedding day, no matter what day that might be. Cilla plans a charm offensive to set things right. Good luck in that.


MJ said...

Thanks for the update.

Cilla, contemplating the joining of the Battersby-Brown names because "That's what posh people do." That lass is all class.

GoBetty said...

Awesome update!!